BoekWorc discussie over 'How China escaped the poverty trap', van auteur Yuen Yuen Ang - 16 april 2019 in Amsterdam. "This book is a triumph, opening a window onto the political economy of China’s astonishing rise that takes as its starting point systems and complexity. Its lessons apply far beyond China’s borders." - Oxfam Blog

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"Before markets opened in 1978, China was an impoverished planned economy governed by a Maoist bureaucracy. In just three decades it evolved into the world’s second-largest economy and is today guided by highly entrepreneurial bureaucrats. In How China Escaped the Poverty Trap, Yuen Yuen Ang explains this astonishing metamorphosis. Rather than insist that either strong institutions of good governance foster markets or that growth enables good governance, Ang lays out a new, dynamic framework for understanding development broadly. Successful development, she contends, is a coevolutionary process in which markets and governments mutually adapt."

"While adaptive approaches to development have become new buzzwords, Yuen Yuen's work brings rigor to this conversation.... This analytical lens has enormous potential for thinking through the adaptive challenge, whether at the national level, subnational level or sectoral level." - The World Bank

'How China escaped the poverty trap'
Yuen Yuen Ang, 2016 | Cornell University Press, Cornell Studies in Political Economy | ISBN 9781501700200

BoekWorc - 'How China escaped the poverty trap' - Yuen Yuen Ang
dinsdag 16 april 2019 | 14:00 uur in Amsterdam
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