logo educenEDUCEN Conference : Cities, Cultures and Disasters
29 & 30 March 2017 | Dordrecht
Disaster Risk Reduction and the integration of socio-cultural networks
The conference will specifically address the issues of integrating socio-cultural networks into disaster risk reduction in order to increase resilience of European cities. The first day of the conference showcases concepts and tools elaborated in EDUCEN as well as related European projects. The second day of the conference will be particularly oriented towards exchange and sharing of experiences in dealing with disasters and cultural diversity between European cities. Days can be attended separately.
EDUCEN is an EU-funded Collaboration and Support Action, focusing on the role of culture in disaster management and risk reduction. Focus is to learn about and exchange experiences on cities, cultures and catastrophes. Seven European disaster-prone cities have inventoried what they learned, and they also promoted learning from each other, such as on the role of social networks and organisational cultures in disaster. The conference reports the experiences and engages you to think about cultural issues. European projects on related domains co-organise and provide inputs into several sessions.
During this wrap up event participants are invited to join a variety of panel discussions, presentations on project outcomes, games, an excursion and networking events.
Programme and registration: www.educenproject.eu
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