Assessing Efficiency in the project cycle

logo partosThe Partos Efficiency Lab organizes a learning event on 23 November, with the aim to help development organisations to improve the way they address efficiency in the various stages of a project cycle and in different cases of development practice. The Efficiency Lab oversees a Partos learning trajectory on efficiency that was initiated in response to recommendations made in the MFS-II evaluation.

Learning Event - 23 November

At the leaning event, participants will discuss recommended methods to assess efficiency in 10-12 typical cases of development projects. The recommendations will be presented by a panel of experts, and subsequently discussed in small working groups of program staff and funders.

Panel of experts:

  • Markus Palenberg, CEO of the Institute for Development Strategy in Munich
  • Pol de Greve, Development Economist at Context
  • Antonie de Kemp, evaluator at IOB since 2005

The outcome of this day will, in the end, feed into the development of an an online searchable resource book that gives practitioners easy access to appropriate and proven methods for assessing efficiency.

Partos Learning Event on Efficiency

  • date: 23 November 2017
  • time: 9:00-14:00 uur
  • venue: Haagse Toren, Den Haag

Details: Partos Learning Event on Efficiency


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