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Amazon on Fire! A Dialogue for Possible Solutions
20 Sept 2019 | 15:30-18:00 | CREA Amsterdam

CEDLA and Nalacs invite you to a special edition of the ‘Dialogues with Civil Society’ series: 'Amazon on fire! A Dialogue for Possible Solutions'.

Just when scientists have warned the Amazon is approaching an irreversible tipping point to a desertification process, devastating fires in the Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon are taking us to the worst socio-environmental scenario in the coming years. A discussion on the main drivers of the Amazon’s destruction and reflections on possible solutions are urgently needed!

The event will engage scholars, practitioners, activists and society in general to discuss the problem and proposals for action. What led to this devastating event to happen? What role do the European Union and The Netherlands play? What can be done to stop this tragic event?

About the speakers
Fabio de Castro is an environmental scientist at CEDLA and has over 25 years of research experience on rural communities in different parts of the Amazon.
- Ermesinde de Strijcker is a cultural anthropologist working at human rights and environmental organization Both ENDS. She is involved in international projects addressing deforestation of the Amazon.
- Celia is a feminist and social justice activist and works at the International Secretariat of Friends of the Earth International. She has worked for over 15 years with feminist, rural and urban social movements in Brazil and internationally.

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