sahel regionClimate and Security in the Sahel region
14 nov 2019 | 17-19 uur | Leiden University Campus, Den Haag

Public meeting, organised by the Netherlands Atlantic Youth and study association BASIS. Speakers are Clingendael's Senior Associate Fellow Tom Middendorp and ICCT's Senior Research Fellow Liesbeth van der Heide.

Draught, degradation and severe floods: climate change is increasingly becoming a security issue. The recent instabilities in the Sahel region, such as the uprisings in Mali and Nigeria, and the civil war in Sudan, indicate a connection between climate change and security.

The UN Special Adviser of the Secretary-General for the Sahel, Ibrahim Thiaw, described the Sahel as "arguably one of the most vulnerable [regions] to climate change."

The speakers wil focus on the Sahel, and discuss not only the security implications of climate change for the Sahel, but also the implications for its surrounding regions such as North-Africa and the Mediterranean.

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Clingendael: Climate and security in the Sahel Region

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