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CEDLA Lecture | Riverhood and River Commons in Latin America and Europe
19 March 2021 | 16:00-17:00 CET | online

In this lecture Prof. dr. Rutgerd Boelens (Wageningen University & CEDLA - University of Amsterdam) discusses the new research project 'Riverhood'.

River systems are fundamental for social and natural well-being. Around the world, however, mega-damming, pollution and depletion are putting riverine complexes under great stress. Since ages, engineering of ideal societies by domesticating ‘wild water’ followed utopian imaginaries to control humans and nature at once, while omitting alternative understandings and side-lining local co-governance practices.

Two new international Wageningen / CEDLA-UvA programs will study local and transnational “river commoning” languages, values, practices, and strategies. River complexes will be examined from four connected ontologies: River-as-ecosociety; River-as-territory; River-as-subject; and River-as-movement.

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