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Gender Equality and Human Rights in Climate Action and Renewable Energy
The new "Gender Equality and Human Rights in Climate Action and Renewable Energy" e-course explains the interlinkages between gender equality, human rights, climate change and renewable energy while giving you the tools to effectively address these issues and take concrete action.

Introduction to Sustainable Finance
This e-course has been completely updated. It was originally developed by the Partnership for Action on Green Economy in 2018. The course covers sustainable finance instruments, methodologies and frameworks for integrating sustainability into financial decisions, key global sustainable finance initiatives, and sustainable finance regulations.

♦ Ecosystem-based Adaptation
The new e-course Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) explains how to put ‘Ecosystems-based Adaptation’ at the heart of National Adaptation Plans. It can be a powerful tool for the development of countries as it encompasses the wise use of ecosystem services to help people adapt to climate change while delivering a wide range of benefits that boost overall development and human wellbeing.

♦ Mastering NAPs: From Start to Finish
The new “Mastering National Adaptation Plans: from Start to Finish” interactive and self-paced e-course guides learners through various key aspects of the national adaptation planning process (NAP). Available in English and French.

♦ Podcast series - Tune in to The Green Renaissance: How to Rebuild the Global Economy!
The podcast series on the green recovery from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) brings distinguished guests from different spectrums of society to discuss ways to foment a green economic recovery from COVID-19.

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UN CC:Learn and its partners work both globally and locally to deliver free climate change and green economy education worldwide, especially to the most in need. UN CC:Learn is a partnership of more than 30 multilateral organizations supporting countries to design and implement systematic, recurrent and results-oriented climate change learning. Funding is provided by the Swiss Government and UN partners. The Secretariat for UN CC:Learn is hosted by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).


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