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China’s increasing presence in Latin America and the Caribbean
Seminar: Friday 9 sept 2022 | 13:00-16:30 | Clingendael Institute, The Hague NL

  • What is the nature of the increasing presence of China in the LAC region?
  • And what are the implications for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the EU and also the US?

Far away from the new Cold War on European soil, Latin American and Caribbean countries are faced with crucial decisions. How do they shape the future of their societies, and importantly, which external actors do they trust to help them?

The challenge for the region is more complex than a simple contrast between Chinese economic power versus US and European values. This complexity is visible on both sides of the equation. On the one hand, the Chinese economic involvement does not necessarily or consistently threaten democratic values in the region and, on the other, US (and European) involvement does not necessarily always bring respect for human rights and democracy.

This question is central to the research project that CEDLA has done for the China Knowledge Network (funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence). In three reports, recently published, these key dimensions are scrutinized:

  1. China’s economic and political role in Latin America 
  2. China’s economic and political role in the Caribbean and Central America
  3. China's engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean: Geopolitical challenges and the role of the EU

In the Seminar on 9 September 2022 important findings and policy recommendations are discussed with scholars, policy-makers and civil society. Moderator is journalist Edwin Koopman.

To download the reports and join the seminar:

  • Reports - downloads and information on this research
  • Seminar - registration and program

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