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Climate Justice in Adaptation Programmes
21 March 2023 | 13:30 - 17:30 | OxfamNovib office, Den Haag NL

Event by CoP Climate Justice. Climate justice puts human rights at the centre of global development. It recognises the needs of the climate-vulnerable poor, demands equitable distribution of climate finance, and promotes vulnerable groups’ participation in climate mitigation and adaptation decision-making.

Curious to learn more about climate justice and what it means for your work? In this session, we will dive deeply into adaptation programmes:
- How do frontline communities define the success of climate adaptation programs?
- And which climate justice principles are essential for this success, and how?

We will explore these questions with two climate change adaptation cases presented by Oxfam Novib, Wetlands International and their international partners.

Climate Justice in Adaptation Programmes


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