SOS Kinderdorpen, een van de stuurgroepleden van Better Care Network Netherlands, organiseerde:
"What’s Next, the next steps in succesful child and youth care"
13 oktober 2016 in Haarlem, sector conferentie ter ere van het 50-jarig bestaan
"No child should grow up alone. But every day millions of children face the realities of growing up without the love and protection of their parents. Many millions more risk losing the care they still have. Without help, ‘they will be left behind’ in the global efforts to create a better world by 2030. Without help, they have no chance to be ‘socially, politically and economically included’. If they are not helped, the world will have prevented yet another generation of children to grow up with protection and will have failed to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.
In this conference, the latest developments and innovative ways to care for the most vulnerable, the most excluded children and their families, will be discussed in four key areas of concern. A range of high profile speakers and facilitators will work with conference participants to provide input into a ‘Call to Action’, that will be presented at the conclusion of the day to Kees van Baar, the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador."
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