logo SIDSID-NL Discussion Series A Future for the Financial System:
The Promises of FinTech - A Future for the Financial System?
Tuesday 22 November 2016 | 16:00 - 17:30 | ISS The Hague
Some believe that FinTech is the future of the financial system: innovative digital technologies aimed at making banking cheaper and more efficient. It may offer opportunities to connect supply and demand in the financial world without banks being ‘owners’ of financial flows. But is FinTech really a new way of transferring financial resources? Are digital platforms also creating trust, and what is their responsibility and liability in the system? Is the digitalization of the financial world an opportunity for low-income countries, solving traditional problems of retail-banking for people with limited resources?
These questions will be explored with two special guests:
  • Geert Lovink – Director Institute of Network Cultures (Netherlands)
  • Alain Nkurikiye – Justice Accelerator Team, HiiL (Burundi)
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