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Organisational development, PMEL / Evaluation / Learning, Project management
Child & Youth development, Education, Gender equality / Inclusive development
Evaluation, Research / Base-line study, Technical advising
Agriculture / Livestock, Climate change & Environment, Education
FEMCONSULT and EdwiseConsult (Secondary employment, part-time)
Assessment, Organisational development, Training / Capacity building / Facilitation
Food security, Gender equality / Inclusive development, WASH, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Organisational development, PMEL / Evaluation / Learning, Training / Capacity building / Facilitation
Climate change & Environment, Land and Water management, Natural resources / Biodiversity
Agriculture and Livelihood
Evaluation, Technical advising, Training / Capacity building / Facilitation
Agriculture / Livestock, Food security
PMEL / Evaluation / Learning, Proposal writing, Training / Capacity building / Facilitation
Community development, Gender equality / Inclusive development, Security and peace building
Policy development / Influencing, Proposal writing, Project management
GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Interim management, Policy development / Influencing, Project management
Food security
Evaluation, Organisational development, Policy development / Influencing
Civil society, Community development, Economic development
Meertens Consult
Project management, Research / Base-line study, Technical advising
Agriculture / Livestock, Land and Water management, Rural development
Evaluation, Organisational development, Project management
Agriculture / Livestock, Economic development, Rural development
Assessment, Evaluation, Project management
Good governance, Humanitarian action, Public and reproductive health
Rural Transition & Linking
Assessment, Evaluation, Organisational development
Agriculture / Livestock, Economic development, Humanitarian action
Evaluation, Policy development / Influencing, Public sector development
Economic development, Natural resources / Biodiversity, Rural development
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