Nieuwjaars Netwerkdag 2023 - hybride, NL & ENG - het was weer een interessante en drukbezochte dag, met sessies over Shift the Power, Learning, Shoes&Slippers, Breaking down Barriers, en meer. En natuurlijk bijpraten en netwerken met oude bekenden en nieuwe collega's! | 12.01 New Year 2023 Event

NND 2023


donderdag 12 januari 2023 | Kargadoor, Utrecht & online

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PROGRAMMA - middag
en download presentaties

13:30 - Informatie sessie voor belangstellenden, nieuwe leden en leden die actief willen worden

15:00-17:00 - 3 Workshops, parallel

17:00 - Plenaire afronding middagprogramma

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17:30 - Soep & broodjes (Kargadoor) en online netwerken (Zoom)

18:30 - Welkom, mededelingen bestuur en voorstelrondje nieuwe leden; door voorzitter Christine Verheijden
19:00 - Uitkomsten survey, door Saskia Ivens

19:30 - KEYNOTE: ‘Breaking down Barriers’ and promoting evidence-informed practice – by Nicky Bor and Sofka Trajcevska (Liliane Foundation); with presentation & interactive session

20:30 - Netwerkborrel

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Locatie: de Kargadoor, Utrecht (Oudegracht 36, op loopafstand van Utrecht CS)
Deelname online: Simon Koolwijk is online-facilitator.
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NND 2023 2b

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Thursday, 12 January 2023 | Kargadoor, Utrecht & online


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PROGRAMME - afternoon
and download presentations

13:30 - Information session for new members, members who want to become active, and interested parties

15:00-17:00 - 3 Workshops, parallel (see information below)

17:00 - Plenary wrap-up afternoon programme.

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PROGRAMME - evening

17:30 - Soup & sandwiches (Kargadoor) and online networking (Zoom)

18:30 - Welcome, board announcements and introduction new members; by chairperson Christine Verheijden
19:00 - Survey results, by Saskia Ivens

19:30 - KEYNOTE: ‘Breaking down Barriers’ and promoting evidence-informed practice - by Nicky Bor and Sofka Trajcevska (Liliane Foundation); with presentation & interactive session

20:30 – Drinks and networking

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Venue: de Kargadoor, Utrecht (Oudegracht 36, at walking distance from Utrecht Central Station)
Online participation: Simon Koolwijk is our online-facilitator.
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NND 2023 2c

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INFORMATION SESSION | Getting to know NEDWORC and each other - by Christine Verheijden and others

Are you a new member? or possibly interested to join NEDWORC? Recently returned after a long contract abroad? In-between jobs? Interested to know more about NEDWORC, and what it could mean for you (and what you yourself could contribute and share in the NEDWORC community) ? Be welcome to join!

WORKSHOP 1 | ‘Making Learning Practical’ - by Lise Paaskesen

Organisations often want to learn from evaluations. When working as an evaluation consultant, how could you support organisational learning in an efficient and effective way? During this workshop, we will learn about different learning styles, we will identify our own learning styles, and we will think about how to best support organizational learning. Come join me for a little theory, and some creative thinking based on practical outcomes.

- About the facilitator: Lise Paaskesen works as independent consultant in international development. She focuses her work on research and evaluation, making its outcomes tangible and practical for the client organization in pursuit of meaningful youth participation and increased well-being of young people in developing contexts. Her aim is to support organizational growth for generating favourable outcomes by encouraging learning; thereby supporting her own objectives of contributing to increased meaningful youth participation.

WORKSHOP 2 | Consulting in times of Decolonisation of Aid and Shift the Power – by Gerrit de Vries

New movements such as decolonisation of aid and shift the power demand for a different way of engaging in international partnerships, where equality and more southern leadership are some of the key-words. In this workshop we will gain a deeper insight into these trends and how they lead to changes in the sector, followed by an exploration of how consultants and advisors can relate to these trends. Participants of the workshop will be facilitated to reflect on the demands of the sector, as well as their own positioning, roles and approaches.

- About the facilitator: Gerrit de Vries founded Joint Purpose with the goal of providing advice to organisations on processes of inter-organisational collaboration, shift the power and localisation. He has lived and worked in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and The Netherlands, and led change processes on decentralisation and alliance building. Gerrit believes that true partnerships that integrate shift the power start with moving beyond 'us' and 'them'. In such partnerships all partners contribute to joint ambitions based on trust-building and the combined powers, strengths and added value of each actor.

WORKSHOP 3 | ‘Between Shoes & Slippers’, dilemmas of working as in-between professional – by Cornélie van Waegeningh and Sjaak de Boer

In between formal policy (shoes) and local reality (slippers) there is ample (working) space, where professionals are confronted with situations for which no ready-made answers are available. In this everyday complexity, ‘in between’ professionals rely on their own knowledge, skills, expertise and moral compass, to find answers so as to reach results that are locally relevant. However, more often than not these results do not fit the rigour of official models provided by donors. After a short introduction, we will reflect upon dilemmas in our own in-between work, share ways how we tackled these and dwell briefly on the value of this work for the discourse.

- About the facilitators:
Cornélie van Waegeningh studied this in-between space in her recent PhD research, based on over 40 years of experience in the sector, as donor representative and self-employed adviser, as she felt a major part of the work of development professionals (referred to as craftmanship, practical wisdom) remains silenced while policy makers can learn from it.
Sjaak de Boer has 35 years of experience in development cooperation, working in the complex space of in-between work, e.g. as NGO coordinator, as consultant in service and framework contracts, and as a EC programme manager. “Indeed often with no ready-made answers, and no manuals or guidelines on how to translate the often-ambitious policy of the donor into benefits for the grassroot level. I often felt that this muddling through -as Cornélie defines it- was taken for granted by the policy makers and politicians, considered a routine everybody understands well. The research of Cornélie has shown them wrong and it becomes time that the voice of the policy conductor is being heard.”

KEYNOTE | ‘Breaking down Barriers’ and promoting evidence-informed practice – by Nicky Bor and Sofka Trajcevska (Liliane Foundation)
Nicky Bor and Sofka Trajcevska (Liliane Foundation) will surprise us with an keynote and interactive workshop on how to promote evidence-informed practice by bridging academia and practice in international development cooperation.
How will they guarantee this learning objective? The starting point of the session is that development organisations can enhance the inclusiveness and civic power of their strategies if these are based on evidence and learning. We start with a brief presentation of insightful lessons learned in the cooperation between Liliane Fonds and Radboud University through its ‘Breaking down Barriers’ project. Following this, we invite you to join us in small groups and share your ideas concerning constraining and enabling factors in promoting evidence-informed practice in your work. We will wrap up with a plenary session in which each group can share its findings and we will discuss steps forward.

NND 2023 2c

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